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Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Are you an entrepreneur who manages different tasks and feeling a juggler trying to balance multiple endeavours at the same time? We understand that dealing with many clients, customers, concentrating on product enhancements and achievement of profits at the same time is very challenging. There are many priorities that need to be taken care of within a day for the well-being of the business. To take the burden off you, Beta Cash Express brings a whole range of Merchant Services that can revolutionize your business. Our services help to set up the entire business with a user friendly merchant account.

Free Credit Card Readers & Terminals EQUIPMENT

Beta Cash Express offer terminals belonging to Ingenicomm as a part of free terminal placement program of our Merchant Services. The terminals are either countertop or wireless and are provided based on the need of the consumer. Our clients can authorize contactless payment with NFC technology as found in Google wallet, Soft card and Apple Pay. The sleek and efficient Ingenicomm are equipped with EMV technology, which ensures the user of having the latest in fraud prevention technology.


Mobile phones are transformed into the secure Free Credit Card Readers & Terminals with our Payment Jack card swipe device. As soon as you are associated with our free card swiper and software, you will be able to access the payments quickly and easily. You can utilize the option of availing email receipts to your customers and also check the transaction history anytime through online or directly on your phone, which would be an added bonus for you.


With the latest and streamlined way you can enjoy the physical credit card terminal by this solution. You can enter the world of e-Commerce by simply connecting your site to online shopping cards, or you can also use a virtual terminal to access your transactions on a website.