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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy is to represent the views and ideals of the website –, which is owned and operated by Cash Express Capital, Inc. From here on in the words “Cash Express”, “Beta Cash Express”, “Us” and “We” represent the words of The website is to facilitate the products of business loan and other associated services, which are collectively placed under the “Services” tab.
The Privacy Policy is to describe how Beta Cash Express gathers and utilizes the personal information provided by the consumer or obtained through third parties or automatically generated when an individual interacts with us through the website or our Mobile Application.
The Privacy Policy also relates to the options available to the consumers regarding their utilization of the personal information furnished and how they can update or access the information. Beta Cash Express announces that any information that personally identifies a consumer including loan application information, IP address and contact information is considered as “Personal Information”. Cash Express understand that personal information that we obtain, store, utilize and share is of high-priority and very sensitive as the information includes financial account information and social security number.
TRUSTePrivacy Certification
Please note that the TRUSTe privacy certification is only concerned with the information obtained through the modes found in the website of Beta Cash Express. It does not cover the information obtained through download of software from the website.
The consumer(s) can find the TRUSTe seal in the validation page, which can be accessed by clicking on the seal. In the page, the relationship between Beta Cash Express and TRUSTe is clearly informed. However, if the consumer is unsatisfied with the information or the information furnished in the Privacy Policy, then he or she may directly contact TRUSTe through the following link:

Information collected by Beta Cash Express
Beta Cash Express collects the following information from the consumer (you):
Contact Information: Name of the individual, business name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
Financial Information: Personal credit history, business credit history, bank statements, average bank balance, credit card statements, bank account information, payment behaviour, Tax ID number, Social security number, Unique identification information such as IP address, Username and password.
Business Information:Size of the company, type of business and nature of business.
Please note that the information collected through the website or mobile application of Beta Cash Express may not be final. We may, based on requirement, conduct a visit to the site to obtain additional information. We might collect external date of lenders used to process applications, manage transactions and complete transactions. For example, obtainment of additional information can be considered as collecting information regarding the credit reporting agencies, social media information and information of other vendors. Once you become a Cash Express consumer, then we may reach out to you to gather information about loan renewal or any other services as deemed fit.

Utilization of Information
Beta Cash Express utilizes the information collected from the consumers or third parties in the following manner:
We save, compile, analyze and use the personal information in two ways – personally identifiable form and non-personally identifiable form [aggregated].
We utilize the information to maintain, improve, operate and provide the consumer with the Services required and to conduct business.
We scrutinize the information to verify the identity of the applicant and to find out the ‘conduct appropriate diligence’.
The information will be used to register the consumer as a user of Beta Cash Express, which allows the individual to get identified [as a user] when he or she attempts to sign in to the account.
We process the information in the application to determine whether the business mentioned by the consumer qualifies for the loan facilities made available by us.
We will use the information to process the business loan product account that includes deduction of automatic payments.
Beta Cash Express will use the information to communicate with the consumer about order confirmations, marketing information, account updates and responding to customer service tickets.
The information will be used to post or review the comment on the blog of our website. The same can be used to analyze or research the opinions of our consumers and create data analytics or reports. These reports or analytics contain summaries of the Personal Information and miscellaneous information that is categorized as General Information, which may be shared with our business partners. General Information contains aggregated personal information and will be shared as anonymous meaning that the consumer will not be identified.
Sharing of Information and Privacy
Beta Cash Express will not sell Personal Information of our consumers to third parties. However, we will share the Personal Information of the consumers with third parties in accordance to the Privacy Policy and the requirement of the law.
Beta Cash Express will provide the personal information of the consumers to our service providers, business partners, affiliates and subsidiaries to improve our business activities. The business activities include processing of secure data storage, credit checks, customer service, etc. The companies to whom the Personal Information is shared are only authorized to use the information to provide the agreed services with Beta Cash Express.
We may share basic information such as name, phone number, e-mail address, company name, loan amount, etc. to the business partners. This information may be used for their marketing services. However, if the consumer does not want to receive such services, they can contact use through the e-mail: to opt out of the services. The consumers can also send postal mail with their contact information to restrict their personal information to the Beta Cash Express.
General Information of the consumers may be shared for reasons as mentioned with the case of personal information to our business partners. They might use the information for research, tracking of marketing performance and conduct analyses.
Disclosure of Personal Information
Beta Cash Express is in complete obedience to the law and will share the information of the consumer(s) if needed for legal process or in case of bankruptcy proceeding or when summoned with a subpoena. We respect the Governmental policies and the same time we respect the privacy of our consumers. Therefore, any disclosure of information is done after thorough investigation of the matter.
The consumers will be notified via website notice or through e-mail if Beta Cash Express gets involved in acquisition or merger or sale of assets/equity (complete sale or substantial sale). If there is a ownership change, it will be notified prominently through the website and the changes in the use of personal information will also be notified. The consumers shall also be instructed on the new choice of use of Personal Information. The consumer needs to consent for sharing of personal information to third parties if there is a change(s) as mentioned.

Consumer Access and Choice
In case of any changes in the details furnished in Personal Information or when the consumer is no longer interested in continuing with the services of Beta Cash Express then he or she can update or correct or amend or remove or delete the information as required. In addition, consumers can ask to make modifications through our public forum or through testimonial section of the website or deactivating the services by contacting our customer support team via marketing@betacashexpress.comor by sending postal mail to us. The request will be attended to within 30 (thirty) days and the consumer is expected to be patient during that time.
Please note that the information of the consumer will be retained by us for as long as the account is active or as long as we consider the information be useful for commercial purposes. The information will be retained and used as necessity to comply with resolution of disputes, legal obligations and enforcement of agreements.

Opt-out Policy
Beta Cash Express and the business partners of us may/will contact the consumer to offer various services and products of interest. However, we respect and understand the privacy of our consumers; therefore, we provide choice for the consumer to opt-out of such contacts either through newsletters, e-mails, calls, messages, etc. E-mails can be unsubscribed through an option provided within the e-mail sent be us or our business partners. A consumer may opt-out of such marketing services by setting their preference in their Account page. In addition, a consumer can contact customer support via or postal mail to unsubscribe from marketing services.
Tracking Technologies
Beta Cash Express, our business partners, service provides, affiliates, analysts, etc. and technological tools like live chat, survey tool, marketing trackers, etc. use cookies. Cookies or similar technologies are employed by use to analyze various trends, track user movements, proper administration of our website and gathering demographic information. Beta Cash Express may receive reports because of the use of cookies or similar technologies by the companies and the reports may be individual or aggregated.
A small text file, which is store on the computer of the user that enables to keep record of the user or consumer, is known as a ‘cookie’. Cookies are used by use for the purpose of consumer authentication and analytics. The consumer can control how the cookies act in their browser. If the consumer does not want cookie activity, then he or she can use our website without cookies. But, it can reduce the function-ability and access of some features within the website. If the consumer wants to know more about Cookie Policy and how they work, visit the following website:
Log Files
Beta Cash Express, like most of the websites, gathers specific information automatically and this information is stored in the log files. The information includes [but not exclusive to] the following – IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), browser type, operating system, referring pages, exit pages, click stream data, date stamp and time stamp. The information in the log files can be used with other information collected through other means as found in the website or mobile application. This is done to improve our services to our consumers and to improve analytics, website functionality and marketing strategies.
Re-Targeting Policy or Behavioural Advertising
Beta Cash Express allows third parties to display their advertisements on our website. Similarly, we advertise our service through other websites. The third parties may use some technologies like cookies to collect the information of the visitors or consumers. This information may be used to track the browsing activities within the website or other websites. This tracking information can further be used to provide relevant advertising based on the observation of browsing interests and activities.

Information Security
The personal information and general information of the consumers of Beta Cash Express are secured with 128 bit-encryption over the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. As a result, the connection between the consumer browser and our servers is always encrypted. Therefore, whenever sensitive personal information like number of credit card in entered, the consumer can rest assured that the information is transmitted through a safe and encrypted channel.
If the consumer allows Beta Cash Express to view banking information through online, duly note that it would be only on a “Read-only” basis. We cannot in non way modify, change or edit the information of bank account or other sensitive personal information. Our employees cannot view the consumer’s bank account details or username or password.
Links to Third party websites
Beta Cash Express may provide links to other websites and these external websites may have different privacy policies than our own. The personal information provided by the consumer to these third party websites will be used based on their privacy policies. Therefore, we urge our consumers to go through the privacy policies of such websites before providing any kind of information.
Blog or Forum
Beta Cash Express offers to anyone community forums and blogs that are publicly accessible. The information provided by the consumer or the visitor in these areas can be collected, read and are available to others where they can use them or can have access to them. The visitor or consumer needs to contact our customer support team via or postal mail to ask for removal of personal information from blogs or forums. In particular cases, it may not be possible to remove the information furnished and the visitor or consumer shall be notified of the same with due reasons.
Beta Cash Express will display the testimonials given by satisfied customers as a part of our service endorsements. The testimonials are displayed after taking consent with the consumer and the name of the consumer will be published along with the testimonial. If the consumer feels that the testimonial needs to be removed or updated after sometime, then he or she needs to contact us via or by sending a postal mail regarding the same.

Social Media Widgets
The website of Beta Cash Express contains social media features such as “Like” button of Facebook, share buttons to social media platforms, etc. These features may gather information such as the IP address of the visitor or consumer, pages visited within the website and these features may use cookies for their functionality. Therefore, customer discretion is advised while using these widgets as they are governed by their own privacy policies.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
Beta Cash Express has the complete authority to change or update our privacy policies completely or partially. However, the consumer will be notified either through e-mail or through website before hand. We ask our consumers to visit the “Privacy Policy” page in the website to encounter any updates or news about modifications in the privacy policies employed by us.
Security of Information
If the visitor or consumer has any questions or queries about the Privacy Policy or the practices in the website, then he or she can contact us via or send us a postal mail with the queries.
If an individual is reaching out for us to unsubscribe from marketing service, then he or she must furnish details such as full name, account number, contact number, business mail, etc. We will identify the contact information based on the information provide to us initially. Once the information is confirmed, our team will remove the information from mailing list and marketing databases.
For any queries and details please contact us.